Brooksvale Leila BH WD1(IPO)


   Leila is a daughter of Schwarchund kennels imported dog Kukays Aras K.N.P.V       PH1 Metlof(imp NDL).Aras took out his K.N.P.V PH 1 certificate with scores of 431out of a possible 440.He has produced litters overseas and here in Australia with progeny being deployed in the RAAF and other Law Enforcement agencies,including his son Military working dog “Uri” who took out 1st place at the 2009 Australian Service Dog Trials.Leila is from our Excellent producing malinois bitch Steigen Otti.
Leila is a very lively bitch with strong nerves and balanced drives and has an upbeat outgoing personality, she showed her excellent stable character whilst filming for the childrens television series Sam Fox extreme adventures as well as in the crime movie “The unknown man”Leila had in total 3 litters and has now been retired from breeding and is enjoying her retirement here with us,Leila proved to be an excellent producer with PSA and  IPO titled progeny including her Dynamic Duo Brooksvale Uzi IPO3 FH1 and Brooksvale Uschi IPO3 WD3 FH1 plus a number of certified Military working dogs.
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Pedigree Brooksvale Leila Hips 3.3 elbows 0.0 (Dr R.S Wyburn)

Australasian Veterinary Radiology Service

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Kukays Aras KNPV PH1
Metlof (imp Neth)







Kukays Xantos IPO3

Kukays Toro Ring1
Kukays Rena
Kukays Ratja
KNPV cert
Elgos du Chemin des plaines Belg ring1 FR3 Mondio3
Sombra vd drijvershoeve


Zico vd Berlex -hoeve SchH3 IPO3 FH1(imp Bel) Turcodas vd Duvetorre IPO3
Sanka vd Berlex-Hoeve IPO3
Mechelse Astrid Dano v h Stokeind KNPV PH1+2 Metlof(imp Neth)
Kyra vd Gamaja Hof KNPV PH1(imp Neth)