Willowpark Blu Skye BH


Darcy is a sweet natured easy to live with girl,she has been training in obedience and has gained her IPO BH pass,as far as we are aware this makes Darcy the first registered pedigree   Australian cattle dog in Australia to achieve this.

Darcy has been trained in the IGP programme (International working dog test)OB1 and TR1(Tracking and Obedience) but has now been retired from training and maternal duties.

        Pedigree. Willowpark Blu Skye  PRCD, PLL tested Hip and elbow scored
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CH Willowpark Bush Tribute RN.PT.HSAs





Willowpark red rebel 

 Jellevada Soldiers Blade
 Adavale Peggy Sue
 Barkingpines Redrose  Bendiboi Firecracker
 Willowpark Red Reign


 CH Willowpark Blue Breeze HT ET RN


 Willowpark Blue Anzac  Jellendore Shogun
 Jellendore Bush Deany
 Willowpark Blue Chance

 Willowpark Red Major
 Willowpark Red Charity

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