Erudite Holly (AI) BH WD1


Holly is a strong robust bitch with excellent nerves and a lively confident character,independent and strong willed but still quick and willing to learn.Holly has been worked on both sheep and cattle and has a strong natural desire to head stock,both her sire and dam are talented stock dogs proven in  the trial ring and farmwork as well as being proven producers of stock dogs here and in the USA.Holly is training in the sport of IGP( Formerly IPO )and is showing great promise having achieved her IGP Working dog 1 title, ,she is the first and only cattle dog in Australia to have competed  in this sport and obtained a title.Holly has recently turned her talents to movie work starring in the horror/thriller  Carnifex filmed here in south Australia




Pedigree    Erudite Holly BH WD1

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Spader Vintage Vaquero HSASC (USA)


 Kuawarri Vaquero  Rewuri Blue Bogong CD
 Kuawarri Blue Princess HS
 Mollies Express  Flying G Gator
 Rose Crk 11


 CH Willowpark Whiz Kid RN.HSAs HT PT


CH Willowpark Bush Tribute RN.HSAs

Willowpark Red Rebel
 Barkingpines Red Rose
Willowpark Red Amy RN.HT  Jellavada Soldiers Blade
 Jellendore Red Ruby

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eye on the ball



Hollys sire Spader Vintage Vaquero


Some  Vin progeny