Brooksvale Hank

Topyard No Worries x Erudite Holly AI IGP BH WD1
Whelped 2/5/20


 Hank is from the only litter we have bred from Holly and is one of the only two puppies she had,both males.He is a very pushy energetic male with tons of get up and go and with plenty of attitude.Hank is training in IGP and we hope to eventually trial him as well as working cattle,thus following in his mums footsteps.His only sibling Hobo jack has his IGP BH and OB1and is trialing in ANKC tracking and is showing exceptional ability in this sport with 2 passes already towards his tracking dog title.

Hank has had an Orivet DNA full breed genetic test .

Pll clear.PRCD carrier.DM clear. doesnt carry brown


Pedigree of “Brooksvale Hank “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
Topyard No Worries
Darshu downunder drafter

Clearridge Rebel Rouser Ch Duwest say no more IMP USA


Clearidge Royal Request


Darshu to hot to handle Ellenbanks Darcys Blues
Wheelwilly Roxy
Willowpark Red sundance

Willowpark bush tribute RN HSAs

WP Wed Rebel
Barkingpines Redrose
Willowpark Riverdance WP Blue Anzac
WP Blue Chance

DAM Erudite Holly AI BH WD1


Spader Vintage Vaquero


Kuawarri Vaquero(USA) Rewuri Blue Bogong CD
Kuawarri blue prununge HS
Mollies Express (USA) Flying Gator
Rose creek 11
CH Willowpark Whiz Kid HSAs PT HT RN


Ch Willowpark Bush tribute RN HSAs

WP Red Rebel
Barkingpines Red Rose
Willowpark Red Amy RN HT Jellevada Soldiers blade
Jellendore red ruby


         Hanks sire Boss






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