Brooksvale Kali
Sire: Nordenstamm Flax A Z BH
Dam: Kottorps Fanta (IMP SWD)
Hips 2.2 Elbows O.O




Shelby is a substantial physically robust bitch with a strong almost masculine head,she is out going and self confident with a rock solid temperament,she is trustworthy and reliable in any situation.Shelby has strong prey drive, and good levels of defence,, she is from a strong working family with siblings and half siblings working in Security,Prisons,Police,RAAF and Sport homes.We had 3 litters from Shelby with some very good animals amongst them.

Shelby now works as a Security patrol dog and lives with her handler and family.


Pedigree Brooksvale Kali. Linebreeding Nil

Hips 2.2 Elbows 0.0 Dr RS Wyburn,Australasian Veterinary Radiology Service

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Nordenstamm Flax BH “A” Hips 0.0″Z”Elbows 0.0






Fax v Grenzganger SchH3(imp Ger)

Dolf ze Zakovy Hory SchH3
Fee am Pilgerbach Sch3 FH
Grazie v Talka marda SchH3 IPO3 FH2 UDX
(imp Ger)
Conner v Leineholz SchH3 FH
Quaste v Ankenrutt SchH3 FH


Hips 2.3 Elbows 0.0
Tom z Pohranicni Straze CSSP-PS ZVV1 OP1 Cordon An Sat CS ZM ZVV3 IPO3
Axa z Blatenskeho Zamku CS ZVV1
Irsa z Lipin ZVV1 Art z Lipin CS ZVV1 SchH3 IPO3
Era z Lipin CS ZVV1