Brooksvale Astra 


Marley is an ideal medium size very athletic bitch with excellent nerves and a very lively exuberent nature.She is confident and social around people and children.Marley is a keen and natural retriever and has a strong desire to work.

Marleys dam Brooksvale Rueben was a security patrol dog and full sister to PD Brooksvale Ruger as well as having other siblings in security and sporting homes.Her sire Exit v Heisenberg BH Imp NZ is also an excellent natured dog with very high prey drive and a huge  willingness to please.We have plans to breed Marley this year to a suitable working dog,this litter would be ideal for Dog sports,work, or family companions to experienced and committed owners


Pedigree Brooksvale Astra: Hips 2.2 Elbows 0.0

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE Exit v Heisenberg BH (IMP NZL)”Tex”



 Lubeck vd Mahler-Meister KNPV PH1


Inox vom haus Ming IPO3
Jura von der Mahler-meister
Vaste v Heisenberg Gamor v Heisenberg BH


Zena van Haus Stanford


Brooksvale Reuben 

  Reko v Heisenberg SchH1 (Imp NZL)


  Troll v haus Milinda IPO3
Faith av Xazziam(IMPNOR)
  Brooksvale Kali “Shelby”


  Nordenstamm Flax BH “Ace”


  Kottorps Fanta(Imp SWD) Fanta

 Marley Photo Gallery


Neck and neck Marley and her sire Tex