Brooksvale Uzi IPO3 FH1


 Proven Pedigree Proven Performance

Charlie is a social lively and  tough  little character with good nerves and very high drive,she gained her IP03 title and FH1 in 4 consecutive trials in 12 months,earning her IPO1and IPO3 at Schutzhund Australia National trials under International judges placing second on both occasions.Charlie comes from a good family with 2 brothers certified Military Working Dogs in the RAAF as well as being used in their military working dog breeding program, a sister training for SAR and her other sister Brooksvale Uschi has her IPO3 WD3 and her FH1 tracking title.
                                Charlie has been sold, future enquiries for Charlies puppies to Georgie Yates 

Pedigree   Brooksvale Uzi IPO3 FH Hips 1.1 Elbows 0.0

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Nordenstamm Tex IPO3 (IID DEU))



 Fred v Brunsbeker land IPO3

Casper v Further Moor IPO3
Aimy v Brunsbeker Land
Lilo vd Krahenschmiede IPO3 (Imp DEU)


Lupanos Duke IPO3 SchH3
Dinga vd Krahenschmiede SchH2 IPO3


 Brooksvale Leila BH WD1


Kukays Aras KNPV PH1 (Imp NLD))


Kukays Xantos IPO3 FMBB
Kukays Ratje
Steigen Otti


 Zico v d berlex-Hoeve IPO3 FH(Imp BLG)
 Mechelse Astrid

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