Vondenaero Anakin “AZ”H.Neg

PD “Lupo”


Lupo is a powerful male with good bone and a strong masculine head.He has an exceptional temperament with extremely thick nerves and intense prey,hunt and fight drives.
Lupo has been worked by a number of well respected trainers and breeders who have all commented on his strong nerves and exceptional crushing grips.Lupo sired our W litter before we sold him  to N.T Police and by all accounts he is revelling in his new career.

Pedigree: Vondenaero Anakin

Hips 1.1 Elbows 0.0  Dr Lavelle

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Nivo v Lubarser Schlosschen(Imp Deu)
DNA,HD Normal,ED,Normal




 Zar vd Schiffslache SchH2

Ellute vd Mohnwiese SchH3 FH1 IPO3
Flora vd Schiffslache SchH3
Haifa vom lubarser Schlosschen SchH3 IPO3 Glennvd Huhnergasse SchH3 IPO3 FH1
Dasha v Bernsteintal SchH3 IPO3


 Kvasars Jess(Imp SWD)

Ajax v Rohnsaler Bach SchH3 IPO3 FH2 Troll v Haus Milinda SchH3FH
Ingruschka v Kathargo SchH3
Kvasers Fixa IPO1
Ellute vd Mohnwiese SchH3 FH1 IPO3
Jabina Mie BHP11
      At 7 mnths
                                      At 8 mnths
Photos taken at 13 mnths

At 20 mnths