Brooksvale Simba



Sally is from the first litter of Brooksvale Misha WD1,her sire being the Belgium import Zasko v Prielberg IPO3
Zasko has been a highly successful and popular stud dog in Belgium prior to being imported here to Australia.Zasko has his SchH3 with a V rating  as well as having his  KKL1 and  V rating in conformation.

Pedigree Brooksvale Simba

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE  Zasko v Prielberg Schh3 IPO3/LGA  KKL1(IMP BLG)

 Hips A Normal
Elbows  ANormal



 Kim v Hainpark SchH3 IPO3(BSP)

Manto v KahlenbachSchH3 IP3 FH1(V-WUSV)
Frei v Hainpark SchH3
Quendy v Prielberg SchH3/LGA Yoschy vd Dollenwiese SchH3 (BSP,V-LGA)
Anka vd Entenau SchH1


Hips 3.4
Elbows 0.0
Reko v Heisenberg  SchH1(imp NZ)  Troll v Haus Milinda SchH3 (GMY)
 Faith  Xazziam (IMP NWY)
Kottorps Fanta (imp SWD)
  Tom z Pohranicni-straze ZVV1 SP-PS (CZH)
Irsa z Lipin(CZH)ZVV1