Breeding And Training Working Dogs Suitable For

 *Military and Law Enforcement *Security Patrol*IPO *Competition Sport Dogs*Film and television

We are a small but select kennel, on average breeding 2 litters per year located on the Fleurieu Peninsula South Australia. We are dedicated to breeding raising and training working dogs for a variety of pursuits.
My kennel prefix was registered in 1985 breeding and training German Shepherd dogs as well as having an interest in training our Aussie working breeds.
In 2005 I purchased my first Malinois after following the breed here and in Europe for a number of years and have owned and trained both FCI registered and KNPV non registered lines.
I do not breed Malinois for the pet market,prefering to sell only to those prepared to put in the time and effort required to adequately train and excercise these dogs,I feel the working line Malinois as a rule does not make a suitable pet for the inexperienced or uncommited owner ,they are a demanding breed that needs and thrives on work.

  My objective is to consistently breed physically,mentally and genetically  sound,robust,resiliant working dogs with strong nerves, balanced drives and high trainability suited to a variety of disiplines.All of our breeding stock are xrayed for hip and elbow dysplasia and scored,only those animals with a score under the breed average are bred from.
 We work all of our dogs,this enables us to keep a high breeding standard and  to maintain the quality and working drives of our breeding stock.
You will find our dogs serving in the ADF,Police,Security,Prisons competing in Dog sports,Working stock and in Film and Television 





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