Brooksvale Devilry BH and Georgie pass their PSA1 with a high in trial




Holly and myself pass our BH and John and Mia (BV Uschi IPO3) get a TR3 pass with a score of 95 at Adelaide sport dog trial

                                                                                   john & Mia

                                                                           Erudite Holly BH


Brooksvale Red Angus gets a visit from easter bunny at his doggy daycare  and graduates grade one at his obedience dog club!

March 2019

Tex gets a few scenes in the movie ‘Escape from Pretoria” starring Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe,filming was at the old Adelaide Gaol

January 2019



Our pups from Darcy and Blackjack leave here this month for their new homes and careers,we have retained a female puppy “Summer”