Whats News At Brooksvale Kennels




November 2017

Brooksvale Uzi IPO3 FH1 whelps her litter to Nordenstamm Claude WD1


Brooksvale Uzi IPO3 FH1 has been mated to Nordenstamm Claude WD1 puppies due November



Eagle heights sport dog club IPO trial,congratulations to Michael and Brooksvale Uschi on getting a qualifying pass and gaining their IPO3 title,also Cate and Brooksvale Ricki BH TR3 AD on passing their FH1





Adelaide sport dog club IPO trial qualifying pass Brooksvale Uschi and Michael IPO2,Brooksvale Bailey and George BH and my cattle dog Willowpark Blue Skye BH.


                                        Brooksvale Uschi IPO2

Willowpark Blu Skye BH .Darcy is the first registered pedigree ACD in Australia to pass a BH test


Brooksvale Bailey BH


Brooksvale Uzi IPO3 FH1 is bred to Dutch police dog Hero vd Vroomshoeve

  Erudite Holly AI joins our kennel
Adelaide sportdog club October IPO trial,5 Brooksvale dogs trialing for 5 passes!
Left to right Cate with Brooksvale Ricki BH AD TR2 pass their TR3,Jane with Brooksvale Kaddie BH CDX TR3 get their FH tracking title,our judge Jim Duncan,Myself with Brooksvale Leila BH get our WD1 title,John with Brooksvale Uschi BH get IPO1 with high in tracking, high in obedience, and high in protection and Michael with Brooksvale Uzi IPO3 get their FH tracking title



                                   Brooksvale Uzi gains her IPO3 at the Schutzhund Australia Nationals under an International judge with a 2nd place,Congrats Michael and “Charlie” 
Brooksvale Ricki BH AD TR1 passes her TR2 at Cerberus IPO Trial,congrats Cate webb and “Stella”

    Brooksvale Uzi and Michael gain their IPO2 at the Adelaide sportdog club trial with a score of 94.92.94 =280           
January 2016
Brooksvale Leila BH whelps her litter to Nordenstamm Yes IPO2
On set for the Filming of “Girl asleep”with  Rika,Salt and Pepper earlier this year,Has just been awarded best feature film at this years 2015 Adelaide film festival and now off to Berlin.
Brooksvale Leila BH has been mated to Nordenstamm Yes IPO2 puppies due Januaruy 2016

                                                                                                 Brooksvale Leica(maggie)  passes her Track and Search Test1 with a grading of Very Good


           Brooksvale Zeno (Argus) Graduates as a member of SAPOLS dog operations unit with flying colours

Cate and Brooksvale Ricki pass there TR1 at the Nationals
Brooksvale Uzi and Michael gain their IPO1 at the Aust Nationals with a second place.
   Brooksvale Misha whelps her litter of 5 to Exit v Heisenberg

Brooksvale Leica AD JD TDX and Malcolm gain their tracking CH title at Ballarat

Brooksvale Ricki and Cate gain their ET title on the Gold Coast

Brooksvale Pepper and Marie gain their ET title in Adelaide

May 2015
Adelaide Sportdog club May Trial our 4 BH Qualifiers
Brooksvale Uzi and Michael ,Brooksvale Uschi with John,Exit v Heisenberg and myself andBrooksvale Ricki with Cate
Brooksvale Uzi and Michael best BH Adelaide sportdog club trial

  April 2015 


            Cate and Brooksvale Ricki at Ben Geurts Training weekend

                                                                        March 2015

Military working dog Siren from our Brooksvale U litter finishes 2nd in the tactical time trial at the Special Air Service Regiment(SASR)K9 symposium in Perth


Brookssvale Uzi(Charlie) scores 1.1 hips 0.0 elbows
Leila whelps her litter to Nordenstamm Yes
January 2015
Brooksvale Misha gets some work in SA film corps new movie “Girl asleep”
Brooksvale Leila confirmed in pup to Nordenstamm Yes
Brooksvale Leila has been mated to Nordenstamm Yes(IIU DEU) puppies due mid February.



Brooksvale Jolly wins again and is also awarded Top Agility dog of PDODC for 2014
Brooksvale Pepper(Jaye) and Mary congrats
Brooksvale jolly(Brea) wins first place at her trial on the weekend
Jane and Maddie(Brooksvale Kaddie BH CDX gain their TR3 at the Eagle heights sportdog club trial
Cate and Stella(Brooksvale Ricki) attend Uta Bindals Seminair
‘Darcy”joins us from Willowpark ACD,s
Brooksvale Jolly and team win the Royal Adelaide Show Flyball
Rowdy from Exit v Heisenbergs first litter makes the Advertiser
Brooksvale Leica AD JD TD awarded Ballarat Tracking dog of the year,Congrats Malcolm and “Maggie”
Rueben whelps her litter to Exit v Heisenbergon 30th June
pictured at 3 wks
Brooksvale Leica AD JD passes her TD test 5 cograts Malcolm and Maggie

Brooksvale Jolly ( Brea) obtains her Agility Novice title


Brooksvale Leica( Maggie) passes her Tracking test 4

Brooksvale Misha WD1 whelps her litter to Exit v Heisenberg AI Imp NZ
Rowdy leaves us to join SAPOL

Vale    Nordenstamm Flax BH “Ace”
Brooksvale Misha BH WD1 mated to Exit v Heisenberg AI (Imp NZ)
Brooksvale Skyler gets her A Z stamp for hips and elbows
Brooksvale Montana passes the hip and elbow dysplasia scheme,she was the only one yet to be xrayed from this litter,making it 7 out of 7 for the Chicco and Fanta litter


                         Whats News       2013    




Tex,s Brother Earl von Heisenberg becomes the first Lubeck von der Mahler-meister son to graduate as a police dog in New Zealand




  Aces son  PD Koda recovering from multiple stab wounds received in the line of duty,Koda is now back at work
 Malinois  Brooksvale Leica JD AD(Maggie) passes her Tracking test 3 and is awarded her TD title congrats Malcolm and Maggie!
 Lupo leaves Brooksvale Kennels to join NT Police


   Ace (Nordenstamm Flax) son General police dog “Riggs”is awarded the GSDCA Outstanding Canine Service Award
       Brooksvale Kaddie (Maddie) BH CDX TR1 passes her TR2 at Eagle    Heights Sport dog club trial.Congrats Jane and Maddie
Malinois Brooksvale Leica (maggie) passes her Tracking test 2 with an Excellent rating !
       Malinois Brooksvale Leica(Maggie) JD passes her Tracking DogTest 1 with a grading of very good,congrats Malcolm and Maggie
       Tex,( Exit v Heisenberg IMP NZ) passes his hip and elbow  xrays    with      scores of  1.0 hips elbows 0.0

       Leila gets a few scenes in a new childrens TV series

 Leilas babes leave to start their new careers
  Urfie and Ubey to be Military Working Dogs
      Uta to train as SAR Dog
           Uschi to train with the Adelaide Sport Dog Club


           “Shelby has her first Security job at “Soundwave” heavy metal concert


                  JANUARY 2013
                             Brooksvle Leila whelps her litter to Nordenstamm Tex
  Brooksvale Montana and Jeff training with K9PRO
                      DECEMBER 2012
      Brooksvale Ricki(Stella) owned by  Cate Webb at the Klaus Malion seminar

          Brooksvale Leila is confirmed in whelp to Nordenstamm Tex puppies due january
         Our Lupo gains his GSDCA A and Z stamp for hips and elbows with     scores of 1.1 hips, 0.0 elbows
Ruger leaves us to start his new career with S.A Police Dog operations unit



  Exit v Heisenberg (Lubeck vd Mahler-Meister KNPV PH1 xVaste v Heisenberg)arrives, from Heisenberg Kennels New Zealand   
  Brooksvale Jolly wins Novice Jumping atState Agility and Jumping Championships,Congrats Mary and Brea
   Brooksvale Kennels recieves the German Shepherd Dog Council Of Australias Bronze “Z”‘ medallion for successfully presenting 14 animals to pass their elbow scheme.
   Brooksvale Omni (Zasko v Preilberg x Kottorps Fanta ) passes the AVA Hip and Elbow scheme with scores of 0.0  elbows 1.1 Hips.
  Leila and Lupo attend a training session with Jim Duncan at Adelaide sportdog  club 
 Vondenaero Anakin “Lupo” joins us at Brooksvale Kennels
   Brooksvale Misha x Zasko v Prielberg puppies 2.5 wks old
Malinois Brooksvale Leica JD gets her Agility Dog title with 3 first placings,Congrats Maggie and Malcolm
     Brooksvale Mojo and Malinois Brooksvale Noni leave for the RAAF
,Brooksvale Misha whelps her litter to zasko v Prielberg.
  February Vonachaan Odette(AI)”Becky” joins us a Brooksvale Kennels


         Kottorps Fanta at 9 years of age out to play with Military working dog trainer